Thursday, July 10, 2008

Summer Days

One day this past week the kids were all in the boys room playing. They were getting along so well, being quiet and not fighting at all. To a mom that sound is bitter sweet...nice because you aren't having to break up any fights or yell at anyone for being mean...scary because 3 quiet kids in a room that you can't see what's happening usually means they are doing something their not supposed to do! (like the peanut butter incident)

I hear them "roll playing" in the room. Elias saying something to Jonah and calling him "son" and Jonah responding with something "dad". I had to laugh to myself as I walked in the direction of the bedroom. When I came in I saw the bottom bunk of the bed....ahhhh.....look at all that stuff. And a completely empty closet. Oh MY!!! I was quickly informed that they were playing camping. The bottom bunk of the bed was the "trunk" of the car and the top bunk was the mode of transportation. And "Jonah is the colleger, mommy, which means he can drive us." from elias
I was happy they were playing so nicely and that at least they hadn't dumped out all of the toys. Instead they had just moved the buckets & bins from the shelf to the bed.
And they were having a great time. The clean up wasn't all that bad. All 3 of them helped me put it back. They had fun on their camping excursion and I was gratful for the peace and quiet. I just thougth I would share this with you. What fun memories they were making together!
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