Saturday, June 28, 2008

The pool

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My guys

We really enjoyed our vacation. It's not easy or really what I would call relaxing to vacation at a beach condo with 4 kids. But it was fun, and relaxing in the sense that we didn't have to go anywhere or do anything but be together. The kids had fun waking up to cartoons, knowing that soon they would get to go play in the pool & the sand & have thier parents undivided attention. (when I say undivided I mean, only family focused because it seems impossible to have undivided attention with 4 kids) :) But that is the joy of growing a family. Your attention is focused all over!! Back to our days, then we would play in the pool and at the beach and take naps and play again! Then we'd eat dinner and people watch from the balconies. I think Elias really enjoyed the kareoke nights. He took his chair and a blanket out and was completely entertained until he fell asleep. It was cute. Anyway, we had a great time and enjoyed playing with our kids and spending time together. God really blessed us with this get away.
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More Beach

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Beach Vacation

(just thought this was a neat image I actually took it from the balcony of our room)
This was a sand castle the kids "helped" work on. There was this great family with grown kids on vacation together and this is what they did to pass their time in the sun. They were gracious enough to let our kids help them. They were patient and engaging with our children. It was really neat. This was the first one they built and then the next day it was something almost as grand, but it was in the shape of a ship!

We went to Panama City Beach last week for a vacation. It was nice to be on the beach, and enjoy our family. The kids loved the pool a little more than the beach although, they still had fun! More pictures to come!!!
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Friday, June 6, 2008

Sweet face

I just liked her sweet face in these pictures!! Enjoy!
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Trying to crawl

I know it looks like all I did was give my baby some torn up paper. But she was really loving a paper towel I had to wipe her face off. Anway, I was trying to capture her "getting around" mode. So far we have not put one knee in front of the other, we just get on our hand & knees and then sit up and "voila" we are in a new location! It's funny to watch her find something she wants and then sit up to go get it!! Hey whatever works babe!
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Sunday, June 1, 2008


Don't you wish you could enjoy a fudge pop as thouroughly as this!!??
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Cruel Torture

I know...I's not very nice at all to take a 4 year old with a cast on to a pool full of people! It was the second night in a row at the same place. And I must brag on Jonah for a minute, he was so well behaved and such a good spot about not being able to go in the pool, it made me want to buy him a pool. But since the cost of a pool would consume just about our annual income, we settled on two fudge pops when we got home! (he didn't seem to mind the differnce!) And we will be making several trips to this pool with a water slide in a few weeks for him to be able to enjoy being a "free spirited" little man! Can you believe he's going to be 5 in just a matter of a few weeks!!!???!!! I can't, it doesn't seem right that I should have two children of school age. Okay, we'll save that for another sappy post. For now, I must apologize to my sweet Jonah for making him watch everyone else swim. We won't be doing that again until his cast comes off! Next time the sitting on the side won't be b/c of a cast it will probably be some sort of time out for trying to do tricks that he shouldn't be doing. :)
And this one of Anna I thought was just cute. I don't really know what she was doing but she looked cute and so you get to see it! She's such a pleasant child. Mostly happy, and when we put her to bed at night she almost sings her good nights she so happy to be there. It's too funny.
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baby soup"

I love to hear Anna talk about putting on her bathing suit. It comes out "baby soup" and I think I laugh every time!! Here's our cute girl in her bathing suit. I think a little rolly girl might just be might favorite sight!

No she's not picking her wedgie, she was just showing off her "baby soup"!
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