Tuesday, November 20, 2007

White Girls

Here are our girls! This is what happens when you let a 20 month old eat an oreo with red filling! Isn't she cute! Here are a couple pictures of Elizabeth, sorry for the one of her on the dark bedding, I didn't intend to post that one and couldn't figure out how to remove it, so here it is anyway and she's looking cute snoozing. And for some reason unknown to me everything is underlined! I am not sure how to turn that off either!
Just for a quick update, life here is still kind of crazy. Four kids is a lot of little people running around, but I think we are begining to learn how to manage them. I even managed to bathe 3 kids, and get them all in bed before 8:15pm and then sit down to feed a baby all by myself. dan was at a meeting and that left me to fend for myself. I never knew you could nurse a baby and tuck kids into bed all at the same time. It was not easy and I don't want to brag too much b/c I would hate to be responsible for doing that way every night. The boys are out of school this week for Fall Break but are playing at the babysitters so that I can clean my house and get ready for company for the next few weeks. I am looking forward to wonderful visits with some very dear friends. Anyway, just wanted to post a new picture of Elizabeth and show off Anna's "pretty" red face.

Friday, November 2, 2007

007, was a big hit for the night! And our Soccer player enjoying the festvities at church!
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We had a ballerina, a soccer player, and James Bond 007
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Hospital Stay

After we came home Elizabeth started getting more and more jaundice. When we went for a weight check on Monday morning they also sent us to the lab for a bilirubin check and after the drive all the way back home (about an hour drive) they called us and said that we needed to come to the hospital to be admitted because her jaundice was so high. After some tears and frustration and some fears we got her all set up and put under the lamp. We stayed for two nights and we were released on Wednesday night. She recovered well and her bilirubin is down. It's amazing how you envision the coming home of each of your children and for our fourth baby I never dreamed we would spend more time in the hospital the first week of her life than we did at home. But praise God we are home now, she is well and we are home enjoying life. Okay, we are trying to enjoy life but life with four kids all under the age of 6 is a little on the hectic side. Check in with us in a few weeks and maybe we will be enjoying life with a little less stress, and then again maybe not! :)
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New sister!

This is Anna and her new sister! This was the frist time Anna held Elizabeth.
Jonah loves to hold Elizabeth all alone!
Elias has a new found love for Elizabeth and cannot walk by her without kissing her on the head! It's really sweet.
This is Aunt Becky, my best friend from college. She came to help us out on the first weekend we were home. It was great having her here and we really appreciated all her hard work and help! Thanks Bec! We love you.
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