Thursday, September 25, 2008

New Do's

Mommy couldn't take the long haired boys or the crying every morning when we had to have the bed-head combed out. So we settled on keeping the top kind of long but letting her trim the sides up. (and no that's not dip in our's skittles!)

Our Skater

Isn't he amazing? He got the skateboard for his birthday in July! This is one of his favorite items and he uses it everyday after he gets home from school! He told me the other day if we lived closer to his school he would ride his skateboard! He wanted me to take some pictures of him the other day. So I thought I would share. Thanks Grandma Lorrie for this wonderful gift!


To our restaurant! What can we get you? What would you like to eat?
Elias and Jonah made a restaurant a few days ago when they were playing. It was so cute. They came running in asking us to please come see what they had done. The made a menu. Jonah was busy practicing his letters and word writing. Really cute stuff. Only I am afraid that our children seemed to have made a fast food restaurant for their playtime! I also must mention here how they are becoming better and better friends with each passing week. They even get upset when the other one doesn't want to play what they've picked to play. Don't get my wrong, they still fight and have their moments. But we have been getting more of these days when they go off and use their great imaginations and come up with some great things. Enjoy these following pictures. Notice how Elias seems to be the manager and Jonah is...well some shirtless, hoodie wearing employee. Not sure how I would feel to be served by someone dressed like this "for real" but the "for fake" employee sure is cute and had great customer service skills!!

This is where Anna found her safety when we went down to the beach. She was pretty sure someone was going to make her touch the water. It was kind of cute. But she found a spot under the 50 stairs that came down to the beach over the dunes.
Grandma doing what she does best when we are all together! She took lots of pictures so that we could record the memories of our trip.
Anna and her Isaac having a great time playing together at the beach. They are becoming better friends and playmates as time passes. I am really enjoying watching my kids grow and play with their cousins.

Beautiful Face

So I know that I am her mom and that I am a little biased, but have you seen a prettier face? Elizabeth is 11 months old now. She's trying to walk and has started saying "uh-oh" & "bye-bye". I wake up to her singing those two words through the monitor in the morning and hear her in the afternoon. She is still a joy but she is showing a little bit of "independence" and likes to be heard if someone takes something away from her. I am looking forward to seeing her change and grow into a toddler in these next couple of months. I am looking forward to this now and in the months that follow I am sure that I will be sad that she has grown. But the change is exciting!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Beach trip

Sorry about the picture size, I am not sure what is going on. But I wanted to document our 3rd Hoffmeier beach trip. My brother and his family were unable to go with us. But here are some pictures of us. These are from Mom's camera and when I get mine uploaded I will post some more!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Stand Alone

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8 teeth

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Bathroom fun!

Anna was "taking a bath" the other day playing with her toys!! Thought these were cute. :)

Jonah was sick last night, he had a high fever and fell asleep in the bathroom and wouldn't get up off the floor. I thought he looked so sweet and peaceful.
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The Girls

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Funny Face

I love my boys! They are so cute and silly. I love how these pictures show their friendship blossoming.