Thursday, September 25, 2008


To our restaurant! What can we get you? What would you like to eat?
Elias and Jonah made a restaurant a few days ago when they were playing. It was so cute. They came running in asking us to please come see what they had done. The made a menu. Jonah was busy practicing his letters and word writing. Really cute stuff. Only I am afraid that our children seemed to have made a fast food restaurant for their playtime! I also must mention here how they are becoming better and better friends with each passing week. They even get upset when the other one doesn't want to play what they've picked to play. Don't get my wrong, they still fight and have their moments. But we have been getting more of these days when they go off and use their great imaginations and come up with some great things. Enjoy these following pictures. Notice how Elias seems to be the manager and Jonah is...well some shirtless, hoodie wearing employee. Not sure how I would feel to be served by someone dressed like this "for real" but the "for fake" employee sure is cute and had great customer service skills!!

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Hutch & Meg said...

Hah! I'd love to be a customer at their restaurant! And, the shirtless waiter is my favorite!