Monday, February 25, 2008

I love my kids

I just wanted to say that after the last few days of describing my kids to different people and talking to Dan about them I realize that I love them so much. It's funny how I think I love them more after telling someone about them and the things they do. I also love that special people in my life enjoy my kids as much as I do, if not more. :) Becky came over this weekend to keep the three older kids while Dan and I were gone and I just really love how she loves our kids and thinks they are great. She knows they misbehave, and they even misbehave for her sometimes, but she still loves them and thinks they are funny! I think that it helps me love them more and helps me with my ability to laugh at them when I hear her laugh at them. They say the funniest things too. Yesterday after church we were eating lunch at the Mexican restaurant and Jonah was being independent and trying to get the ketchup spilled Dan's Diet Coke all over the place, I think Dan must have said "Jonah" loudly or something. And a few minutes later while it was being cleaned up Jonah said with a big smile,"my Dad screamed like a girl!" Of course the whole table erupted with laughter. It was really funny. And I don't really think Dan even screamed. Also, lately Anna has been answering with a "yep" whenever you ask her anything. It's really funny.
I recommend to you parents out there that when you go to bed at night talk with your spouse about your day and how the kids were. It generally helps melt the frustrations and stress of the day to share funny stories and sayings of the kids. It will make you fall in love with them each night so that when you wake up the next morning your are starting a new day with fresh perspective!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Cute Outfit

It's fun having girls! I love being able to dress them up for different things. I went to a baby shower tonight and had fun dressing Elizabeth up to take her with me. It was fun with the boys too but there is just something different about dressing a little girl up and taking her out! Just thought I would share this one with you!
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Trip to the beach in Feb--only in FL

Here are some cute pictures of the kids from this past weekend. We were out and about and ended up going to play at the beach in Panama City. We had a great time and enjoyed watching all of them play in the freezing cold water and run around in the sad. I think Jonah ran for at least 45 minutes straight! Oh, to have that kind of energy!!!!
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Friday, February 15, 2008


Here are some cute pictures of Elizabeth. And of course Anna's baby! She seems to sneak in a lot of pictures lately!
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Cute Girlies

Here's just a few cute pictures of the girls. They wore matching skirts for church one sunday. I know it's a little tackie but I think they looked cute.
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Saturday, February 2, 2008

3 Months old

Okay so I know I am a little behind on posting 3 month pictures. It's a little busy around here so you'll have to forgive me. :) It takes a little time to pick out the ones I am going to post (this time I didn't have that great of pictures but...she looks cute anyway!).
Here's Elizabeth at 3 months old. She is growing quickly and changing. She is still a great baby. She's quiet and I think observing all the comotion in the house. Not sure who big she is but if I had to guess it's probably around 14 lbs. She still eats, sleeps, coos, and smiles and not much more. I can usually figure out right away what's wrong when she cries because she doesn't do it that often. It usually means she has a poopie diaper or she's hungry. And occasionally it's "HEY SOMEBODY PAY ATTENTION TO ME!". Sorry my postings about her are a little repetative, but she's still just a sweet baby girl who doens't cause any grief!
On a different note, I can't remember if I have mentioned that Anna is sleeping in a big girl bed now. We made the transition about 2 weeks ago and things are going wonderfully. We are trying to get her ready to share a room with her sister. We will be putting the crib back up for Elizabeth real soon. They will sleep in there together at night and then we will see what happens with nap time. Elizabeth is sleeping through the night and I figure she and Anna won't bother each other much at night. So into this new territory we head, I have not had a baby & a toddler share a room before. I'll have to post some pictures of their adorable room when we get Elizabeth all moved in.
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Boy's PJ's

Here are the boys in their matching jammies! I think in the first picture they were around 2 years old and 7 months and then the second picture they were 2 years and 9 months. Weren't they cute!! That Jonah was a chunck!!!
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Matching PJ's


I just wanted to post some pictures of the girls in their matching jammies! We have several pictures of the boys in mathing jammies and now we have the girl counterpart!! It's fun having two & two!! The Lord has blessed our family so with these sweet smiling faces! I have to remind myself of that often, especially in their not so sweet moments!!
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