Saturday, February 2, 2008

3 Months old

Okay so I know I am a little behind on posting 3 month pictures. It's a little busy around here so you'll have to forgive me. :) It takes a little time to pick out the ones I am going to post (this time I didn't have that great of pictures but...she looks cute anyway!).
Here's Elizabeth at 3 months old. She is growing quickly and changing. She is still a great baby. She's quiet and I think observing all the comotion in the house. Not sure who big she is but if I had to guess it's probably around 14 lbs. She still eats, sleeps, coos, and smiles and not much more. I can usually figure out right away what's wrong when she cries because she doesn't do it that often. It usually means she has a poopie diaper or she's hungry. And occasionally it's "HEY SOMEBODY PAY ATTENTION TO ME!". Sorry my postings about her are a little repetative, but she's still just a sweet baby girl who doens't cause any grief!
On a different note, I can't remember if I have mentioned that Anna is sleeping in a big girl bed now. We made the transition about 2 weeks ago and things are going wonderfully. We are trying to get her ready to share a room with her sister. We will be putting the crib back up for Elizabeth real soon. They will sleep in there together at night and then we will see what happens with nap time. Elizabeth is sleeping through the night and I figure she and Anna won't bother each other much at night. So into this new territory we head, I have not had a baby & a toddler share a room before. I'll have to post some pictures of their adorable room when we get Elizabeth all moved in.
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