Saturday, July 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Jonah (a few weeks late)

We did celebrate Jonah's birthday on time, we just haven't been home long enough since then for me to do a slide show for his little life. I think after today I fell in love with him all over again. He may be a little challenging at times but, he is so happy and lovable. You will see that as you look at each picture.
My second born son/child turned 5 on July 6. When he was born he weighed 8lbs 5oz on grew at a rapid pace. He was a welcomed addition to our family and has brought us many laughs over the last 5 years and I am looking forward to many more. He is full of life and energy and is all things boy! He loves cowboys & guns & sheriff things. But he is so tender and loving and some days can't get enough love. He loves people and being around them. He really is a joy to our lives. I cannot wait to see what God has in store for him and his determined spirit. I think once I told someone that Jonah was teaching us what it meant to be parents, and I still think that! I love the way he lives his little life and how he loves his family. It's so awesome to see a child 100% in love with his daddy. I am proud to call him our own!
Jonah, I love you son. You are so fun loving and friendly and determined and helpful. I pray that God gives me the wisdom to raise you to use all the pieces of your personality for the Lord. Your tender heart is so sweet and I am excited to see you grow & mature. Happy 5th birthday!

Thursday, July 10, 2008


These are all the Hoffmeier cousins! Aren't they a beautiful sight!!??!! And we are adding another girl, Dante' and Robb just found out they are having a girl!! Yea!

This is my nephew Isaac. He came to stay with us for a few nights this past weekend. I was amazed how well they all played together. Isaac went from Elias, to Anna, to Jonah and they all played differently together and so sweet. It was fun watching they bond. Jonah & Isaac were watching something on tv together, and I came in to find them like this. When Jonah realized I took his picture he moved his arm. But, I thought it was sweet that this picture was natural, not set up by me at all!!
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For those of you who know me well, this is a sight you should hold onto because I am not sure it will happen again! I laughed at myself for turning into a true "southerner"! Dan asked me if I liked working so hard for my food, like in the old days. I said no way...I'd much rather pull up to a window or have someone come ask me what they can get for me. :) Someone from our church gave us 5 gallons of white peas...yes I said 5 gallons. As I type this my fingers shake from all of the poopin' & cleanin' they've done and I am only half way through that 5 gallon bucket! The kids were excited to help me shell some of them.
They were really into it, as you can tell!! We sang the Beans song by Andrew Peterson & Randall Goodgame! (it's from the slugs & bugs & lullibys should check it out. it's very fun for the kiddos! that's been our travel music so far this summer!)
Anyway, we had tons of fun with the beans. We even ate some for dinner tonight. They are much like black eyed peas (which i actually don't like b/c of the texture, so all the hard work and I only ate a few of them!) Also I was having a little artsy fun with the beans in the bowls as you can tell.
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If I can get rid of those rolls above my knees I might have a chance in the modeling industry! What do you think?
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Birthday #5

We celebrated Jonah's birthday at mom and dad's with cousins and friends! It was Piratey fun!

And then with our friends at the bowling alley close by. That was a blast. It took us 2 hours to bowl one game. And I think Emma was the clear winner!
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Summer Days

One day this past week the kids were all in the boys room playing. They were getting along so well, being quiet and not fighting at all. To a mom that sound is bitter sweet...nice because you aren't having to break up any fights or yell at anyone for being mean...scary because 3 quiet kids in a room that you can't see what's happening usually means they are doing something their not supposed to do! (like the peanut butter incident)

I hear them "roll playing" in the room. Elias saying something to Jonah and calling him "son" and Jonah responding with something "dad". I had to laugh to myself as I walked in the direction of the bedroom. When I came in I saw the bottom bunk of the bed....ahhhh.....look at all that stuff. And a completely empty closet. Oh MY!!! I was quickly informed that they were playing camping. The bottom bunk of the bed was the "trunk" of the car and the top bunk was the mode of transportation. And "Jonah is the colleger, mommy, which means he can drive us." from elias
I was happy they were playing so nicely and that at least they hadn't dumped out all of the toys. Instead they had just moved the buckets & bins from the shelf to the bed.
And they were having a great time. The clean up wasn't all that bad. All 3 of them helped me put it back. They had fun on their camping excursion and I was gratful for the peace and quiet. I just thougth I would share this with you. What fun memories they were making together!
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Elizabeth & Pace

This is Pace! He's my boyfriend, (sorry all about proximity!) we were born one day apart.
He's a big boy as you can see. Our mommies were due the same day and Pace was born about 18 hours after I was. Isn't that neat? They were being checked into the hospital as I was making my entrance. We have lots of pictures together. I'll try to get my mom to post those sometime. She keeps telling me she's going to do it...but in 8 months this is the first time you've seen him.
Isn't he a happy boy?! We have fun playing in the nursery. He came over to play a few weeks ago. He wasn't interested in following me around so I just sat near him and kept pulling his hair. Hair...that's something I don't have so I was very interested in his!! He was a good sport though.

Mommy just loves their faces in this picture.
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sweet smiles

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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Some More pictures of my grandpa and Elizabeth.

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Noni & Papa T

I went to California for a week, the second week of June. My grandparents live out there and I took Elizabeth to meet them & the rest of the Taylor family. We had a great time. I planned my trip so I could be there for my cousin's baby shower. It was wonderful visiting everyone, being away with just one baby and getting to see my grandparents, Elizabeth's great-grandparents, form a bond with my baby. There is nothing more special to me than family, and making memories with them. I love that God has blessed me to be able to take each of my kids to California, at least once, but the boys have both been a few times. I love that I have pictures to share with my kids when they grow up to show them who my grandparents are, and my aunts & uncles. It's neat to be an Aunt now and know just how special that bond is even if you have 30 something neices and nephews. (which isn't really an exageration, I think my grandparents have 28 grandchildren & almost 20 great-grands). I really enjoyed my time there. Thanks to all who made that happen!!
This is my grandmother, Ruth Taylor, our kids know her as Noni (her mother is Yugolasvian and Nona is what we called it seems fitting that the greats would call her that!)
This is my grandfather, Al Taylor, Papa T. I think if he could have figured out a way to have a baby or steal this one he would have. He really enjoyed her. It was very sweet.
Papa & Noni, lovin' on Elizabeth.
My grandpa always liked his babies to come wake him up in the morning. So each of my kids have done taht while we've been there. I think I have pictures of all of them doing it. So special! I am hoping Dan & I and the kids can go out sometime to be there all together and to visit. Anyway, just wanted to share these pictures. I will try to post more from my trip!
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