Thursday, July 3, 2008

Noni & Papa T

I went to California for a week, the second week of June. My grandparents live out there and I took Elizabeth to meet them & the rest of the Taylor family. We had a great time. I planned my trip so I could be there for my cousin's baby shower. It was wonderful visiting everyone, being away with just one baby and getting to see my grandparents, Elizabeth's great-grandparents, form a bond with my baby. There is nothing more special to me than family, and making memories with them. I love that God has blessed me to be able to take each of my kids to California, at least once, but the boys have both been a few times. I love that I have pictures to share with my kids when they grow up to show them who my grandparents are, and my aunts & uncles. It's neat to be an Aunt now and know just how special that bond is even if you have 30 something neices and nephews. (which isn't really an exageration, I think my grandparents have 28 grandchildren & almost 20 great-grands). I really enjoyed my time there. Thanks to all who made that happen!!
This is my grandmother, Ruth Taylor, our kids know her as Noni (her mother is Yugolasvian and Nona is what we called it seems fitting that the greats would call her that!)
This is my grandfather, Al Taylor, Papa T. I think if he could have figured out a way to have a baby or steal this one he would have. He really enjoyed her. It was very sweet.
Papa & Noni, lovin' on Elizabeth.
My grandpa always liked his babies to come wake him up in the morning. So each of my kids have done taht while we've been there. I think I have pictures of all of them doing it. So special! I am hoping Dan & I and the kids can go out sometime to be there all together and to visit. Anyway, just wanted to share these pictures. I will try to post more from my trip!
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