Thursday, August 21, 2008

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Hello my friends! No I didn't fall off the planet, I have just been busy with VBS, rearranging house and hanging out with some old friends. I wanted to say hi and that I posted some pictures of the boys from their first day of school and some pictures of our visit with the Taylors. Read on down and enjoy. I will try to keep posting more regularly now that school is back in. Enjoy!!

Open House

We went to the boys school tonight to meet the new teachers. We are blessed to have two great teachers this year. Elias got a veteran teacher, Mrs. Mercer, she's been teaching for 30 years and is retiring after this year. And you may recognize Jonah's teacher, Ms. Krystal, she was Elias' teacher last year. We are looking forward to two great teachers and a great year of school.
I love you my big boys, I am so blessed to be your mommy and to have spent the first 5 years of your life caring for you. I placed you into God's hands when you were born, and now I really ask for his provision of you as you spend your days with someone else. Go bless the people you come into contact with. Your sweet friendly spirits are bound to make someone's day. I will be waiting for you when you come home. I love you!~mom

First Day of School

Our First Grader
Our Kindergartener
The brothers lovin' that they get to be in the same school. Elias has been so proud to tell people that Jonah is his brother and they are going to the same school now. It's been neat to watch him take on the role of BIG brother and care taker of the younger kids.
As you can see Anna had to hop in the picture of the boys for their first day of school pics. She must have asked me 100x's that day "where are my boys?". They seemed to enjoy their first day and I was sad that they are both old enough to be in grade school now. Although I can't lie it was nice to have a quieter house. I wouldn't say it was any neater b/c Anna and Elizabeth do a pretty good job of making things messy. I am looking forward to this year as Elias and Jonah learn new things and explore the world of elementary school academics. Elias has real big kids books and Jonah will be learning numbers, letters and how to read. Anna and I will enjoy spending time playing together, maybe doing crafty things and teaching Elizabeth new tricks. I am sure I will be updating regularly on their new world of school.

Let's do it again soon! Maybe we'll do the mountains & tents next time!! We'll start dreaming now. :)
Anna & Caleb
Anna & Paige
The girls hugging!
Jonah & Emma

Caleb & Elizabeth--I loved the big eyes in this picture.

I didn't put one of Elias up, but I had some of him with the other kids, just ran out of room. :)

The White, Taylor Family gathering

Our friends, Brandi and Adam Taylor, came to visit us this past week for Dan's 30th birthday. (yes he turned 30 on August 17th) They have 3 kiddos in their pack...Emma (5), Paige (2 year &8 months) & Caleb (6 months). Added together with our 6 pack, we had 7 kids & 4 adults in our house for 5 days. It was surprising as stress free as 7 kids all 6 and under can be. We had a great time and there was minimal screaming and no fighting. It was a neat experience to spend time with my friend, of almost 15 years, and her family. We even managed to hire 2 babysitters so that us grown ups could go out on a double date. We really enjoyed their company and getting to know their kids. Thanks guys for the visit. We will have to do it again soon. Enjoy the pictures!!