Thursday, August 21, 2008

The White, Taylor Family gathering

Our friends, Brandi and Adam Taylor, came to visit us this past week for Dan's 30th birthday. (yes he turned 30 on August 17th) They have 3 kiddos in their pack...Emma (5), Paige (2 year &8 months) & Caleb (6 months). Added together with our 6 pack, we had 7 kids & 4 adults in our house for 5 days. It was surprising as stress free as 7 kids all 6 and under can be. We had a great time and there was minimal screaming and no fighting. It was a neat experience to spend time with my friend, of almost 15 years, and her family. We even managed to hire 2 babysitters so that us grown ups could go out on a double date. We really enjoyed their company and getting to know their kids. Thanks guys for the visit. We will have to do it again soon. Enjoy the pictures!!


Lobsterfamilyof5 said...

looks like a lot of fun :)

Chris Holohan said...

Look at all of those kids! Rach and I laughed because we went to Cali with friends our age and there were no kids. We are going to be the oldest parents when we finally have kids.

I bet that was a lot of fun.