Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Easter




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Just wanted to let those of you who don't know...we didn't have another kid, that's my niece, Addison! (although she looks similar to our kids just with red hair!!)

Bandits, Cowboys & Big Black Dogs




Just wanted to show off our bandit and cowboy! And then there's the big black beast of a dog we have!
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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Cute Smiles

Just wanted to share some of the same sweet smiles that Elizabeth shares with us!
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An armful of girls

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Our little watermelon





Anna got the adorable dress for her birthday from Xenny & Derek. Just had to show her off!
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Anna's Birthday Party


We had a birthday party today for Anna at a park. It was great fun. The weather was nice and we enjoyed the company of our friends. Thank you to all of you who contributed to our celebrations this year for Anna. Enjoy!
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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Some Firsts for Elizabeth

Just wanted to document some fun firsts for Elizabeth. She sat in the high chair and played for the first time last week. It doesn't seem like that big a of deal to some of you I know. But it just shows stages of growth for our family and I was excited about it. It's a sad existence when you are excited by baby milestones I know, but I'm a mom what do you expect. And since there is a sudden awakening in a newborns life it's fun to watch it happen. She also sat in the saucer for the first time yesterday. She seemed to enjoy the toys and being in it. So yea, we have some place for her to be entertained as she grows out of napping and the swing. I love the look on her face, it doesn't look like she enjoyed it but she did. The picture though made me laugh!
She also had another big first this past weekend. She and I joined my dad on a trip to Missouri to celebrate his uncle's 100th birthday. Sadly, Uncle Al passed away just a few days before we arrived. But it was wonderful meeting so many people who were touched by a friendly loving man. I wish I would have known him. It's also neat to meet people that you are related to that you've never met before. I met some people with whom I share Great-grandparents, and for some reason it was mind boggling to me to be meeting them for the first time and thinking about how we were connected through genealogy! Anyway, so that's the reason behind the picture of Ellie & I in front of an airplane. (she did great on the trip!)
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Anna's 2





Just wanted to say how much I love my sweet two year old! She turned 2 this past Friday. We have really enjoyed life with a little girl. Much different than life with a 2 year old boy. She loves her babies, pretending to have tea, and her little sister. Of course, she thinks the boys are amazing and can run along side them (well, just a few steps behind). She loves wrestling with them and if either Elias or Jonah are on the floor they are fair game! I will have to put a slide show together of her little life like I did for Elias but it will have to wait! :)
I loved these few pictures that I took of her this week. She was playing with a new little doll set so sweetly yesterday I had to capture her really pretending and playing. And then I got her hair up in "real" pig tails instead of just little bang sprouts. It turned out pretty cute and I was impressed with myself. I am still learning how to do little girl hair. If anyone has any tips let me know. Enjoy...and check back soon I am hoping to get a slide show made for Anna.
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Crazy Hair & Bike Rider

So I have been feeling a little guilty that Jonah hasn't had as much "blog exposure" as the others and especially compared to the girls. So I wanted to show off some cute pictures of him! The other night Dan was combing his hair and parted it making him look a little like Alphalfa (not sure how to spell that!)! We got a little laugh out of it and some cute snap shots.
Then of course last night he wanted a "faux-hawk" after his bath. We had a good time playing with it. He informed us recently he doesn't want his hair cut and would like to grow it out long like a girl's hair-then he will cut it. We will see if he changes his mind about that. Or if I can stand it getting long and looking shaggie
Last, here are our bike riders! Well Jonah at least. Anna wanted to be like the boys and got up on one of the bikes. But Jonah decided about 3 weeks ago that he wanted to ride his bike without training wheels. He's amazing and picked his bike up and just started going. He only needed a little guidance and has only had a few spills. We are proud of our big boy! So when you see him next you'll have to ask to see him ride his bike. ;)
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Monday, March 3, 2008

Sweet Relaxation

Okay, so first let me say I love the carefree way these girls are lounging! I went in to check on Elizabeth while she was napping before church yesterday and found her totally relaxed and free! It was too cute to me how she had her dress pulled up and her arms and legs stretched. And then I walked out and found Anna doing almost the same thing, only she was watching the beloved Mickey Mouse Clubhouse-a favorite at our house these day (what exactly are "toodles"?). Anyway, I just had to share my girls sweet relaxation. Oh to be that carefree! I am not sure what carefree even means anymore. I don't want to complain because I know plent of people who would love to have my cares but some day I long for carefreeness(not sure if that's a word)! Right now my cares include making sure 6 people have clean clothes to wear, clean dishes to eat off of, a somewhat sanitary house, some clean walk spaces so we aren't running to the ER for twisted ankels, and oh yeah you can't forget the need to fill bellies. Those bellies seem to be neverendingly empty. They wake up hungry, come home from school hungry, and sometimes think they are hungry when they go to bed. AHHH, it's neverending! But I am loving every sleep deprived minute of my non-carefree state! :) Well, just about every minute!! Does anyone have the number to a good cheap nanny, who cooks and cleans and maybe even owns a house on the beach that I could get away to? (I am laughing at myself now...)I think I'll close on that note.

Oh wait, I forgot I wanted to share some news about sleeping also. It was a big night in our house this past Thursday beacuse Elizabeth and Anna became true roommates. We rearragened Anna's room and put the crib back up in there for Elizabeth. I think maybe Anna kind of remembered that it was her's but we made a big deal out of it being Elizabeth's bed and she was pretty excited to share her space with her sister. The first thing I hear every morning is Anna's sweet little voice talking to Elizabeth telling her good morning! I'll try to post pictures of our boy rooms and girl rooms soon.
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I Love my brothers

Elias and Jonah are pretty into their sisters right now. I am sure a day will come when they don't want much to do with them. But right now they like the satisfaction of hugs, kisses and especailly laughs. Elizabeth has started laughing, although it's hard to make happen, she loves to laugh at her brothers. And Jonah proudly told some friends yesterday that he could make Elizabeth laugh. I love the sweet innocent sibling love that they all have for each other right now. It's pretty great right now that the boys are friends more than they are fighters. And even though Anna sometimes tries to get into their GI Joes, they seem to really love to play with her and even share their things with her. Elias even gives up his time to help Anna out on the slide, or just to be with her so she won't have to play alone. It's great! I hope and pray that they continue to be great friends even as they age. I love the memories and friendships I have with my brother and sisters and want that for my kids.
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Pretty Faces

Just wanted to show off some of our pretty faces! I don't have one of Jonah from this week. But just wanted to share these big blue eyes.
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