Monday, March 3, 2008

I Love my brothers

Elias and Jonah are pretty into their sisters right now. I am sure a day will come when they don't want much to do with them. But right now they like the satisfaction of hugs, kisses and especailly laughs. Elizabeth has started laughing, although it's hard to make happen, she loves to laugh at her brothers. And Jonah proudly told some friends yesterday that he could make Elizabeth laugh. I love the sweet innocent sibling love that they all have for each other right now. It's pretty great right now that the boys are friends more than they are fighters. And even though Anna sometimes tries to get into their GI Joes, they seem to really love to play with her and even share their things with her. Elias even gives up his time to help Anna out on the slide, or just to be with her so she won't have to play alone. It's great! I hope and pray that they continue to be great friends even as they age. I love the memories and friendships I have with my brother and sisters and want that for my kids.
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