Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Anna's 2





Just wanted to say how much I love my sweet two year old! She turned 2 this past Friday. We have really enjoyed life with a little girl. Much different than life with a 2 year old boy. She loves her babies, pretending to have tea, and her little sister. Of course, she thinks the boys are amazing and can run along side them (well, just a few steps behind). She loves wrestling with them and if either Elias or Jonah are on the floor they are fair game! I will have to put a slide show together of her little life like I did for Elias but it will have to wait! :)
I loved these few pictures that I took of her this week. She was playing with a new little doll set so sweetly yesterday I had to capture her really pretending and playing. And then I got her hair up in "real" pig tails instead of just little bang sprouts. It turned out pretty cute and I was impressed with myself. I am still learning how to do little girl hair. If anyone has any tips let me know. Enjoy...and check back soon I am hoping to get a slide show made for Anna.
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Hutch & Meg said...

Wow, sounds so different from the destructive, busy, tough two-year-old boy I have! Look at all her hair too!