Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Crazy Hair & Bike Rider

So I have been feeling a little guilty that Jonah hasn't had as much "blog exposure" as the others and especially compared to the girls. So I wanted to show off some cute pictures of him! The other night Dan was combing his hair and parted it making him look a little like Alphalfa (not sure how to spell that!)! We got a little laugh out of it and some cute snap shots.
Then of course last night he wanted a "faux-hawk" after his bath. We had a good time playing with it. He informed us recently he doesn't want his hair cut and would like to grow it out long like a girl's hair-then he will cut it. We will see if he changes his mind about that. Or if I can stand it getting long and looking shaggie
Last, here are our bike riders! Well Jonah at least. Anna wanted to be like the boys and got up on one of the bikes. But Jonah decided about 3 weeks ago that he wanted to ride his bike without training wheels. He's amazing and picked his bike up and just started going. He only needed a little guidance and has only had a few spills. We are proud of our big boy! So when you see him next you'll have to ask to see him ride his bike. ;)
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