Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Some Firsts for Elizabeth

Just wanted to document some fun firsts for Elizabeth. She sat in the high chair and played for the first time last week. It doesn't seem like that big a of deal to some of you I know. But it just shows stages of growth for our family and I was excited about it. It's a sad existence when you are excited by baby milestones I know, but I'm a mom what do you expect. And since there is a sudden awakening in a newborns life it's fun to watch it happen. She also sat in the saucer for the first time yesterday. She seemed to enjoy the toys and being in it. So yea, we have some place for her to be entertained as she grows out of napping and the swing. I love the look on her face, it doesn't look like she enjoyed it but she did. The picture though made me laugh!
She also had another big first this past weekend. She and I joined my dad on a trip to Missouri to celebrate his uncle's 100th birthday. Sadly, Uncle Al passed away just a few days before we arrived. But it was wonderful meeting so many people who were touched by a friendly loving man. I wish I would have known him. It's also neat to meet people that you are related to that you've never met before. I met some people with whom I share Great-grandparents, and for some reason it was mind boggling to me to be meeting them for the first time and thinking about how we were connected through genealogy! Anyway, so that's the reason behind the picture of Ellie & I in front of an airplane. (she did great on the trip!)
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Tammy said...

Yea! Elizabeth! She's growing sooo fast. I loved looking through all the pictures. And Anna looked so cute too. And the hair blog was hilarious. Miss you friend!

Tara said...

Wow Tammy, they are all growning so fast! I haven't visited your blog for a while, it looks like you have quit the bustling household. I will be home sometime in July throgh August, haven't picked exact dates yet, Keri is getting married so I will be home for a while, and I would love to do some pics of your little ones! :)