Thursday, July 10, 2008

Elizabeth & Pace

This is Pace! He's my boyfriend, (sorry all about proximity!) we were born one day apart.
He's a big boy as you can see. Our mommies were due the same day and Pace was born about 18 hours after I was. Isn't that neat? They were being checked into the hospital as I was making my entrance. We have lots of pictures together. I'll try to get my mom to post those sometime. She keeps telling me she's going to do it...but in 8 months this is the first time you've seen him.
Isn't he a happy boy?! We have fun playing in the nursery. He came over to play a few weeks ago. He wasn't interested in following me around so I just sat near him and kept pulling his hair. Hair...that's something I don't have so I was very interested in his!! He was a good sport though.

Mommy just loves their faces in this picture.
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Vero, Bri and Ben said...

I guess I can share Elizabeth as he is just too cute!!