Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Hi liter + A&D + a 2 year old= Mess

Didn't I just say there is never a dull moment around here? Today Anna was playing and collecting "eggs" in her easter basket while I was doing laundry. I didn't know that among those eggs was a blue hi-liter. As I was doing laundry and enjoying the peacefulness of a two year-old playing alone, she was over there coloring all over herself! We ended up with a blue chin and blue arms. It could have been worse and been on the furniture or walls or even more on her body. So we got away with minimal damage. And then...She took a nap! Which she hasn't done very well this week. (apparently she's one of those kids who react to antihistamine by not sleeping!) Anyway, I learned finally after 3 days of no nap that there was a connection. So she went down fine slept for several hours. And then I heard some commotion. But she didn't cry or pull on the door to get out, so I assumed she went back to sleep. (I had a middle school teacher who taught us a great rhyme about assuming in point today!) So when I finally heard muffled screams coming from her room, I headed back to her room on the far side of the house and as I made it into the dining room I smelled the wonderful aroma of A&D ointment! Yep, you can probably figure out what she did from there. She decided that she needed some medicine all over her body! Apparently that diaper rash made it's way from her head to her toes and even down to the carpet. For those of you who wanted pictures I am sorry. All it looked like was wetness on her shirt & greasiness on her hair. Here are a few in the tub. As with the blue marker, it could have been worse. I think I got it all cleaned up and there is still a smell emanating from the back side of the house and a little grossness left in her hair. (it looks like her mother doesn't bathe her!) Oh yeah, and as long as none of you turn me in...the muffled screams were coming from her closet. Apparently she got herself locked in there some how. She was pretty freaked out. I am not sure she will do that again! Especially because of the look on her face seemed to indicate that she had been in there for at least a full minute, which I am sure felt like a lifetime to her!!

And for those of you who haven't heard the story of Jonah and the peanut butter, I am afraid for myself that we will be visiting that scene again sometime only with a girl starring this time. (for those of you who haven't heard or seen the results of a jar of Jiff & a little boy, I'll have to post a blog about that sometime soon. it's a great story!! even greater b/c I was across the country when it happened!)
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Andria said...

Hi Tammy,
You asked about a week ago where I get my ideas for theme weeks. Well, I started a little blog where I'm just posting the ideas I come across. It's I just put up the dinosaur theme activities I've found, and I'll try to get the other theme activities up, too.

I get a lot of ideas from First School:

If you google "preschool activity" you'll also get loads of ideas.

And I loved this post....I can just smell the A & D, yuck!!