Monday, May 12, 2008

6 month stats!

Okay, so we've posted a few pictures this 6th month but we've finally gotten her height & here goes. She is 19lbs (95th%) & 26.5 inches long(75th%) & I think her head was 16.75(50th%). Anyway, I was surprised by her weight. I knew she was heavy but I didn't realize how heavy!! I love rollie babies! She was called "juicy" several times today, which is a funny term! A few things she has started doing this month, she rolls everywhere, she can sit up now, she is getting on her hands and knees and rocking(! ahh!!), she LOVES her daddy, whenever he is in the room she follows him around with her eyes it's the cutest thing! She's not completely mobile but she is definitely starting to get round. She has also started solid foods, she seems to like them pretty well, but she makes a HUGE mess. Elias said today that he was sad that Elizabeth wasn't a little bitty baby anymore! (such a sweet boy!) I can't think of other things right now but I am sure there is something I am missing. Must go feed the heavy baby! She's starting to complain that she's hungry.

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