Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pretty Faces

We took the kids to sears last night and got pictures taken. First let me just say, they were complete ANGELS!! I never imagined that it would go so smoothly. I think we waited for the girl to finish up the photo's longer than it took us to get everyone sitting and smiling all at the same time. Elizabeth got a little tired of it towards the end, but I love the way the pictures turned out. These are my favorites with the enhancements that we got on them and I just LOVE these pictures. Elizabeth looks like her big sister and big brother (elias) so much. And the one of Anna in the chair is just way to precious. I love it. And the one of all four of them, when I looked at it last night, and again today, my heart swells with love and pride for those four beautiful babies that belong to me!(and dan) Enjoy!! I'm off to spend some with half of those kids while they are happy!


SBTVD said...
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Robin said...

Who broke their arm? At least it was after the pics! They are soo cute by the way. R

Chris Holohan said...

You were right about the numbers. Your mom is going to love it up here right now, the weather is perfect. its our first week in the 80s...perfect.