Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Pretty Baby


I just wanted to share a few sweet faced pictures of Elizabeth. She is a little over 5 months old now and is fitting into our family nicely. We are really enjoying watching yet another little personality develope. I know it's a little early to know for sure what she will be like but if the preview we have had so far is telling of what's to come I am looking forward to it. For a few minutes of bragging...she is still a sweet, good baby. She still rarely cries and has settled into a nice routine. She sleeps about 12 hours each night and wakes in the morning about the time the boys leave for school and eats, plays for a little while and then takes a nice long morning nap. She sleeps long enough that I can do chores, spend a little time with Anna, and whatever else has to be done. She wakes up in time to spend a little time with Anna and I before Anna takes a nap. And then she eats again and takes an afternoon nap. Then she gets up and plays again, is ready to eat and go to bed about the same time as everyone else. Her schedule is wonderful right now and makes thing rather easy for me. I am thankful to the Lord for the blessing of an easy going baby and one who just goes with the flow. I guess when you are the 4th though you have two choices, be happy and sit in your seat, or cry and sit in your seat! Thankfully she is happy most all the time. Right now, she loves her exesaucer and also laying on the floor. She got a little extra time on the floor this week and figured out how to roll over. It's cute to watch her "carpet swim"! I think she could win the olympics sometimes as quickly as her arms and legs move. I don't have any current stats on her size but everyone who has seen her says she is really growing. Well, I guess I will stop for now before a few of you turn off your computers.
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Andria said...

She is really beautiful!

If only Soren could read this blog and see what a good example Elizabeth sets for other babies. We need to get them talking.