Saturday, April 26, 2008

Never a dull moment

I really want to post some 6 month pictures of Elizabeth. She turned 6 months on the 23rd and I cannot believe some how half of a year has passed us by already. I am kind of sad as I watch this baby slip further away from infancy. I mean I know she is probably still considered an infant but you know she's not that sweet, yet limp, little thing we just brought home ( and in her case somewhat yellow). :) She is plump and rollie and a sweet as ever. She started rolling over a while ago and now she is starting to scoot around the room. We can no longer lay her in one spot and return to see her there. She pushes chunky little self up and back on her knees, but she cannot support her own weight and ends up pushing backwards. It's cute to watch. I am most saddened by the discovery today-she has a tooth! Yep, her first tooth. I found it this morning. I didn't even know she was teething and now it's there! I told Dan with tears in my eyes that our baby is growing to quickly and I want to freeze time. It's funny how knowing she's my last baby has made each milestone that much harder to take.
Ok, so here's my reason for not being up to posting pictures at this late hour. We've been dealing with lots around here. Besides the chaos of having four kids ages 6 & under, our sweet Jonah broke his arm last night! I am sad because we were playing at the park and I was pushing him on a swinging thing and he fell to the ground. So we will go pick out a cast color on Monday, I am sure it will be camouflage since that is his favorite "color"!! (i have also been reading a book series and that has kept me from doing lots of being having the energy to post some pictures. It's calling my name right now...I must go read so I can finish it and be back to normal for my next week!! or else dan will throw it out. He keeps hiding it when I am not looking. ) Keep our free spirited child in your prayers for the next few weeks. I am sure being in a cast won't slow him down much but he won't be able to ride his "bike without training wheels" for a little while, which I think hurt him more than the actual fall. I will post pictures of his cast and a few of Elizabeth as soon as I finish my book. :)

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Andria said...

Poor baby! How sad that he broke his arm...

The pictures of your family are amazing. You should be so proud!!