Sunday, January 25, 2009

Wii Party

For Elias' 7th brithday we had a Wii party. We had Wiimote cakes, Rock Band, Golf, and Lego Star Wars, presents and goodies. What more could a kid ask for? His grandparents to get in on the Rock Band action! I think that was the highlight of the party for me! My mom singing a B'52 song and a Weezer song and watching my dad rock the guitar & drums to songs 30 years younger than they are! Awesome!!
Anyway, we had a great time celebrating our oldest child! He is such a sweet boy! We are proud of him and are excited to watch him grow and change. Although, this year I was a little sad for some reason to see him add another year to his life. I love you buddy!
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Rhett and Leena said...

Oh how fun! Happy Belated Birthday!It's great fun to watch people ROCK! Wii Party was a brilliant idea!

Andria said...

Wow, awesome cakes! What a clever idea!