Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Pretty In Pink

Elizabeth is sweet and learning quickly new words and physical things. She has turned into quite the climber and has been saying lots of things. Of course they don't sound like how you hear them but this is what she is begining to say, Anna, Daddy, Bailey, Mommy, Momma, and I am sure there are others but I can't think of them right now. Oh yeah, hi and bye and hey!
Now for the cute little clothes she has on. The overalls were Elias' first, Jonah wore them also, and now Elizabeth. I thought she looked especially cute in them. Maybe she doesn't and I'm in love with it more for the mere sentimental value they have to me. One of my very favorite pictures of Elias he is wearing them.

This is our big girl Anna! Isn't she adorable. I am very proud of here right now, she has been potty training for the last week. We are having great success. Of course I don't want to be too proud because we are still in the begining stages, but things are going very well. We were having fun tonight playing with our princess wand and posing for pictures.

My sweeet girls are sweet sisters. I am so excited to watch them grow into best friends some day. I love the friendship I have with my sisters and can't wait for that to be the case for them. I know we will have some ups and downs before they reach that point but I am excited about this. I love the ones of them kissing. I asked Anna to sit down and put her arms around Elizabeth so I could ge them both in the same frame, which I was having trouble with, and they started to kiss each other. So cute! I love my pretty in pink little girls!
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Rhett and Leena said...

They are so precious! Can't believe how they've grown! They look super sweet! Olivia doesn't have any sisters so we guess we'll just stop on by and play with them!
Thanks for sharing!