Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sewing Project

Today I made my girls a dress. It was my very first sewing project that I embarked on my own. They are called pillowcase dresses. They are super simple and so cute. I will have to fine tune them a little. Anna's is a little bit on the big side, and as you can see Elizabeth is not as petite as I thought. :) So I will probably pass it along to my new niece that is coming in November. (her name is Abigail) So to all my friends with girls out will probably be getting these for Christmas, or birthdays or just because they are cute. And any of my friends with boys, I will be happy to make you one too but...I'm not sure how the daddy's will feel. Also if any of you want to purchase one, well we'll have to see about that. I don't know if I feel quite that confidnet yet. I was proud of my accomplishment and thought I would share with you!
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Jessica said...

Well Tammy i have spent the last hour and a half reading your whole blog! Great stuff! I will be checking it out everyday to see your new posts! I have got to get busy and post something new~!

Lobsterfamilyof5 said...

cute dresses :)