Tuesday, October 7, 2008

First Soccer Game

We had our first soccer game tonight. Our team is the black team. Elias and Jonah are able to be on the same team, and Dan is their coach. It's a fun family time for us. Of course some times I wonder about our sanity since we are going to spend time with lots of other kids, Dan trying to get a group of 5-8 year olds to pay attention to him and I am trying to keep my 2.5 year old & 1 year old from getting eaten alive by bugs and from getting restless as we watch what is going in. And we call it fun! :) What are we as parents thinking?
Okay, as for the pictures, I'd like you to take special notice of the pictures and see how Jonah started out with his shirt on correct and then the 7th picture (i think that which one it is) he is turning his shirt around to put it on backwards. (not too sure why he did this, and why he waited until the whistle blew to start changing it) And then in picture #9 you can see his sleeve with no arm and they are all running! The reason the kids are sitting on the side was because our team had more kids than the other one. They did well out there running after the ball. We seem to have a good team but it's hard to get them to kick the ball in the goal! As you can see in the last two pictures they were doing something because they were sweaty!! Watch for more pictures as the season wears on.
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Rhett and Leena said...

We will eventually win a game. I think if we turn Jacob, Lindsey, & Reagan loose down the sideline and have the other kids stand close to the goal, we will start putting points on the board.