Tuesday, March 17, 2009


So as you can tell, I like pictures and I have a really hard time picking the best ones. We had so much fun and I got some really cute pictures of our family and I couldn't choose just one or even 5 so I put them together in this collage.
We live in a neat area in that we are surrounded by lots of national forests, state forests and state parks. Just about 10 miles up the road is Torreya State Park. It is known for it's bluffs that overlook the Apalachicola River. Since we've lived here (September '04) we have had small children or babies who are not big enough to actually hike any of the trails. We go to Torreya to play on the playground or to have picnics. A few years ago we took the boys, when we were only a family of 4, for a hike with them in the wagon. Well a mile or so hike through the woods pulling two small boys in a wagon is not my idea of fun. So we decided to wait until our kids were older. Well the boys are older now, but we've added two girls! We decided to go out to do something one Saturday. We ended up at the park to go for a hike. We knew not to bring the wagon with us so we let Anna walk and took turns carrying Elizabeth. The kids had fun looking for things on our scavenger list and eating our snacks we packed. On the way back up the hill Dan carried Anna and I carried Elizabeth. Half a mile through the woods going uphill with a 26.5 lb child was not my idea of fun, but it was a good workout for my legs. Since then we have bought a hiking backpack! (I was excited b/c I got a good deal on it at a consignment sale!) Not sure when we'll go hiking again exactly but I hope to make good use of that good deal soon!
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