Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Silly White kids

(this picture is from the fall I just love it!)

Sometimes what frustrates you most about your kids in the moment makes you love them the most when you are thinking back to what they do best! I think my kids silliness is one of those things. In the moment I think I am going crazy but when I reflect back or look at pictures of them, I fall in love with them because of their silliness. I have had people ask me alot recently about what it's like to have four kids, or if I woul recommend it to others. Some days I would say..."don't do it"...like on nights like tonight when we went out to celebrate Dan's birthday and noone would stay in their seat at the table or they were fighting over the ketchup bottle. But then when I come home and think about all of the things that we have and about our kids I feel blessed that the Lord thought we were capable enough to handle them. I love my kids more than I ever thought a person could love someone. My love for Dan grows as we parent together and my love for them grows as we see their personalities unfold with each passing day. So I love my silly kiddos, and am thankful for them even if they make me crazy!
These pictures are a few from the summer of us just being together! I will post pictures of the first day of school soon!
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