Saturday, October 31, 2009

Saying good-bye

Best Pediatrian in the WORLD!!! We miss you Dr. Rao! Just knowing that I have to take the kids to some place else makes me sad!

Best Buds! These three boys have seen each other almost every week since September of 2004. We moved in June and had to say goodbye to our friends in Bristol, FL. It's still a little sad each week going to church knowing that these three sweet friends will not be together. We miss you Blake!!

So I won't fill you in on all the details of the past couple months, but lets just say that life is a whole lot busier & crazier & well, this flexible girl must be getting old because it has not been as easy of an adjustment as I thought it would be. But with some good talks with friends & some time with Dan & with time passing I am beginning to settle into life in a "city" as my kids call it! (because of the tall buildings! in a kids mind tall buildings=big city!)

We have celebrated two kids birthdays, an anniversary, and Dan's birthday here and now we are moving into the holidays so I imagine as we continue to build relationships we feel more and more settled!

Miss you Bristol!!!
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