Saturday, May 23, 2009

18 Month stats

I know it's a few weeks behind, okay...a whole month but it's been busy around here so give me a break!! Elizabeth Marie is changing and growing right before our eyes. I know we've been through this 3 other times but it never will cease to amaze me how much babies at this age change. She is silly, she is aware of being watched, she loves her big brothers and sister. When she hears the door knob she screams with glee and says "DADDY"! It's so cute. When we eat out she no longer can be forgotten about, she gets her own drink just like the "big kids". I forgot how little girls at this age who do not have to skills to communicate do a whole lot of screaming. We are working on trying to remind her to use her words but...I am not sure how successful we are being. And Anna thinks it's funny and chimes right in with her. I will be amazed if I still have ear drums by the time they are both 5. I am loving this baby #4, just like I did the others before her. It's so fun to see the difference in personality emerge. So I took her to the doctor this week for her well visit. She weighs 29 lbs 9 oz and is 33 inches tall. (95th & 75th %) She is healthy and doing great! Our wonderful pediatrician was pleased with her! I love you "Biz" and I am enjoying the time we get to watch you grow! ~Mommy
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Lobsterfamilyof5 said...

she is soo cute. I cant wait to see you guys.

Lobsterfamilyof5 said...

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