Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Soccer Games

Our soccer season is winding down and we have had a good season. We haven't won all of our games but we do have a GREAT team! The big kids on the team are great sports and do a good job teaching the younger kids about doing the same. Also I am quite proud of our coach. (i know i'm biased since he's my husband, but really...he's great!) I love how he works hard trying to teach the kids teamwork and sportsmanship. It's really neat to watch him instill these values in our kids & other people's kids too. And it's not just about winning! If I can talk him into coaching every year I will try. :) watch out honey, you better run when it's time to sign up for soccer! I also love how he puts his heart into making the things he does great. It's funny how I go out there each game to watch my kids when really it's my husband whom I am most proud of. That's not to say that I'm not proud of my boys for the job that they do and for watching how they've gone from being afraid to kick the ball in the crowd of kids to getting right in there and kicking it. And Elias is developing into a great little goalie. He gets so excited when the ball comes towards the net. And Jonah has gone from being disinterested in the game at all to running after it and kicking it when the ball comes near him. (yeah, that means he doesn't actually run after the ball, he just stands around in a certain spot and waits for the ball to come to him and then he gets excited about kicking it!) All in all, it's been a fun season. And now we just have our tournament games left...which brings me to the reason for this post...Leena here's the schedule for the rest of the season!!

Thursday 11-06 Game 1--maroon vs. black
Monday 11-10 Game 2--Gold vs. loser of game 1
Tuesday11-11 Game 3--Gold vs. winner of game 1
The first 3 games will decide if further play is needed to determine a champion.
All games begin at 6pm!
See you out there! Thanks for lovin' on my girls even though you didn't know them before and for Cannon sharing all his snack! And for your willingness to bring drinks out there for our little players!! See you Thursday night!

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Rhett and Leena said...

Thanks for posting the schedule! Those pics are great! We love sharing our snacks and it is great making new friends! See you soon!