Monday, January 14, 2008

Here are some pictures that Aunt Becky took of Elizabeth. She's a great photographer and has taken pictures of each of our kids at a young age (okay well, she didn't start this hobby until after Elias was born so we don't have one of him like this but the other two we do). These pictures came out wonderful and I can't wait to get one printed and on display with the other pictures she has taken of Jonah and Anna. I just wanted to share these beautiful pictures.
Now for a quick kiddo update...Elizabeth is doing wonderful, she's such a good baby. Hardly makes any noise. I think she only really cries when she's really hungry, and sometimes when she has a messy diaper. She will be 12 weeks tomorrow and if we count from the date she will be 3 months old next week. Last Thursday (1/10) she weighed 12 lbs 6 oz. She's started sleeping through the night and still sleeps a lot during the day. We are all completely in love with her. I have never seen three older siblings more in love with a baby than mine are. (I am sure every mom thinks that but it's true here!) Anna and I are enjoying our days together when the boys are at school. But she is very happy when she gets up from her nap to find that Elias and Jonah have returned! She also is a great little girl. She loves to watch Mickey Mouse Club House, and play with each of her babies. Jonah is doing great in school and enjoys his days there although each morning since Christmas break is over he asks to stay home so he can sleep more. Elias is doing wonderful in Kindergarten. He's learning to read and spell and write and how to add. He got all E's and an S on his report card and loves his teacher. He will be 6 next Tuesday which is hard to believe! Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know how the kids are. I must go feed Elizabeth and get a few groceries for the day! And do some laundry and clean up toys...ah, the life of a mother never slows down! :)


Hi-d-Ho said...

I loved this blog! The pictures, the updates--everything. How precious to have a talented aunt. Those pictures are amazing!! Love them!

Chris Holohan said...

You have such beautiful kids. Sorry we couldn't hang out when we were in FL. Things are going great out here we are really getting settled in.