Monday, October 1, 2007

Silly Nathan & Our Parents

One of our favorite people came to stay this weekend, Nathan!! He has this silly obsession with taking crazy pictures. So while we were eating our lunch after church yesterday he kept getting everyone at the table to do funny things with their food. Here are two pictures of me and my brother that he captured. He even got mommy to use an onion ring as a nose ring--shhh, don't tell her I told you. Anyway, I really like this picture of my brother Elias, and thought the chicken coming out of my mouth was fun. Hope you enjoy our silliness! -Jonah
Hi it's Elias here now, I just wanted to show off my parents really quick. The one on the left is my dad whom I am very proud to have as my own. He's our soccer coach this fall. Yep, Jonah and I are going to be soccer stars and our dad is coaching us! None of us really know much about the game but so far we are having fun. Mom said she liked this picture of dad and so thought I should show it off. The picture on the right is my mommy. No she didn't swallow a watermelon, that's my new baby sister in there. We have a name for her but I am not sure I should put it on here yet, what if her name changes before she is born. Anyway, that's mommy, she only has 6 weeks left until her due date (not sure what that means) but she's pretty big. Last night Jonah thought it was a funny thought to give mommy a bite of a cookie so that the baby would be able to take it too. We got a fun little chuckle out of that. I am loving kindergarten and learning how to write my letters and sound words out. Okay, I have to go play with some toys in the backyard. -Elias
Dan-September 30, 2007 Tammy-September 30, 2007 34 weeks pregnant
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